Traders Take Note: Verge, Ripple And Monero Are Better Buy Than Bitcoin

    In this article, you will learn about Verge (XVG), “What is the Verge, how is the Verge coin taken, why is it rising, and what kind of differences do the other coins have?” Your questions will be answered.

    In recent times, delayed transaction approvals in leading currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have become chronic. Verge (XVG) uses “Simple Payment Verification (SPV)” technology to keep the average approval time below 5 seconds.

    Unlike most Blockchain-based projects, Verge is not a private company financed by pre-mined coins. Verge’s development team, an open source platform, has an open communication policy with thousands of Verge community members to discuss, support and implement new ideas about the Verge network.

    An incredible increase in the last two days

    The Verge is experiencing a sharp rally in the past few days. An XVG which traded at $0.072 on December 22th, jumped to $0.28 on December 24th, representing an increase of about 400%.

    Why is the price skyrocketing?

    We have seen a flurry of crypto currency since the last month. This increased interest has resulted in major disruptions in leading crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Transactions got cancelled and stopped multiple times and transaction fees for Bitcoin rose to $40. Naturally, many investors have come to understand the existing weak points in Bitcoin. In particular, delayed transaction approvals shifted investors towards other currencies offering faster transaction approval. The price increase in Litecoin and Ripple can be attributed to this.

    The emphasis on privacy as well as speed has made Verge attractive among investors. The verge is in the front with ease of use as well as other privacy solutions. The Verge also offers a range of secure wallets to enhance security for users. Among them is a unique offer of Tor Android Wallet.

    Monero (XMR) is another one of those cryptocurrencies that is in a good moment, especially after John McAfee pointed to this cryptocurrency, as a currency of the future due to its high privacy and capacity in transactions. At last check, its price was floating around $350 and was in 10th position with a market capitalization of 5.4 billion dollars.

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